Anya Beaumont is an artist working on a project based on the N10 postal district. The work when complete is going to be sited in Muswell Hill Library. The work will be made from paper (that would normally be recycled) collected from the community making it a truly local art work! To achieve this she is reliant on the local community being aware that the project is taking place and donating paper, as this is what will give the project its integrity.  Please donate waste paper (can be anything: old shopping lists, children’s drawing, notes etc, as long as it doesn’t have any personal info that you need to keep private).   The Library in Muswell Hill is happy to be a collection point.
Anya will be undertaking a couple of residencies whilst the work is in progress, one at The local Gallery and one in the Library itself so it will be possible for local residents to visit and see the work in progress should they wish. Find out more at