Great bag Peter, well done!

Great bag Peter, well done!

We had a small amount of these bags printed and they sold like hot cakes!

A year ago  Marks and Spencer announced its 5p charge plans for England last year following a successful trial in Northern Ireland, which led to a 66% reduction in the number of bags used by customers.

Here in Muswell Hill we are not being charged for plastic bags at our local Marks and Spencer.

Sainsbury’s reported a fall in the use of free carrier bags of 10% during six months last year, while the use of reusable bags rose by nearly 50%. Since February 2007, all of its free bags have been made from 33% recycled plastic. A “bag for life” cost 10p, though they are sometimes given away. The supermarket said that if all its customers reused these bags 20 times, it would save 90m disposable bags a year. It has also sold £5 cotton bags designed by Anya Hindmarch with the slogan “I’m not a plastic bag”, and had a one-day moratorium on plastic bags in April 2007.

IF the customers refuse….? Well it is time we did some refusing on a large scale!

Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket, gives out 4bn free plastic bags each year, but allocates reward points to shoppers who refuse them. Online shoppers can choose bag-free delivery. The supermarket’s carrier bags are biodegradable.

Biodegradable plastic?! Supermarket points for refusing plastic bags is not really an incentive to remember your cloth bags.

Asda gives out free disposable bags, although all those returned to the store are recycled. The supermarket sells reusable bags for 5p and jute bags for 97p. Cash register operators are instructed to offer fewer plastic bags to customers.

A recycled plastic bag is still plastic in world’s environment!

Waitrose was the first supermarket to introduce reusable bags, which it sells for 10p. It claims that in 2005 this helped reduce the number of disposable bags distributed by 54m. But it still hands out 250m free disposable bags a year to its customers.

Reusable bags still contain plastic.

What can We do?

Refuse plastic bags in shops, and try to recycle or reuse the ones you do have. Buy  woven cotton “eco-shopper” bags and keep them with you for when you need to go to the shops.

Can I get my town to ban plastic bags?

Muswell Hill Sustainability are going to give it a try. We certainly can not rely on councils or supermarkets. Join the plan! Join us!