100 Homes is an innovative project set up by MHSG to help households in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas to reduce their carbon emissions.   Our first batch of 50 households was recruited in Summer 2010 and our volunteer team have been working with them over the last year.

It all starts with a short survey to see how your carbon emissions and energy bills compare to Muswell Hill averages and to find out what energy saving measures you’ve already made.  We look at all aspects of your carbon footprint including air miles, car mileage, and emissions from food and waste.  Each household is assigned to one of our volunteers who will then advise on further measures you can take.  We run informative evening meetings on all aspects of carbon footprint reduction including home insulation, solar renewables, sustainable food and transport.  We also maintain a database of trusted local builders and suppliers who our participants have recommended.  This is available on our online forum http://mhsgroup.ning.com.

As it’s now over a year since the 100 Homes project started, we’ve been surveying our households to see what differences they’ve made.  From the results we have so far, it’s good news!  Most people have reduced their carbon footprints, some by as much as 50%.  Much of this has come from a reduction in air travel – our baseline survey showed that 100 Homes households were clocking up twice as many air miles as the national average so this was a good area to target.  Some households made big inroads into their energy consumption as well.  One resident halved her energy bills after installing loft, underfloor and wall insulation, replacing her boiler and installing solar hot water.

We’re now recruiting a second batch of households into the project.  If you are interested in participating contact us at info@mhsgroup.org

Here’s our  100 Homes Project baseline carbon footprint which shows carbon emissions across the 100 Homes group of households at the start of the project.   Our 100 Homes Project First Year Snapshot shows how we’re doing one year on.