Draughts allow cold air to enter your house and warm air to exit so you are more likely to leave the heating on and turn up the thermostat. Draught-proofing is a very simple and low-cost solution for immediate reductions in energy use and fuel bills and also increases your home comfort. Comprehensive draught-proofing around windows and doors, including letter-boxes and key-holes, chimneys, loft-hatches and other gaps can reduce heating bills by 20%.  The strips are easy to apply and the materials long-lasting and unobtrusive. You can also install a DIY version of magnaglaze secondary glazing at relatively low-cost using acrylic or polycarbonate sheets with metal and magnetic strips. This improves the insulating capacity of windows if you are not able to get full window-replacement double-glazing fitted. The panels can also be removed over summer months.

We run regular free DIY draught-busting workshops with a team of volunteers. These are informal and social over a couple of hours and are usually held in a host home.  The workshop includes:

  • Demonstration of installation of easy to use draught-excluding materials for wood-framed windows and doors
  • Demonstration of DIY version of magnaglaze secondary glazing
  • Hands-on practice of using the materials – only very basic DIY skills are required
  • Exploring and sharing ideas on other no-cost and low-cost energy saving around the home

En10ergy also keeps a stock of draught-proofing materials to purchase at a reduced price – see order form below. Please contact mary@mhsgroup.org or 07772 238214 to order materials.


Order form for draughtproofing materials March 2013

We always need more volunteers to help run the workshops to help teach others how to use the materials – only basic DIY skills are needed and training and a reward voucher for your time will be provided.  If you are interested in teaching others then please get in touch so we can cascade the workshops to a larger audience.

Watch a short film demonstrating draught-proofing here.  And here’s another showing how to put up radiator panels – really straightforward and can make a real difference to your bills.