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Low Carbon Buying Group Launched – November 16th

On 16th November 2010 we launched our Low Carbon Buying Group.  This is a bulk-purchasing scheme which will bring lower prices on the more expensive energy-saving measures and on renewables.  The first products to be included in the scheme are Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal installations.  We are pleased to be working with the following four suppliers for solar: Ecodomus Limted, Engensa, Hatch Sustain and Southern Solar.  These suppliers have been vetted by us, and will be offering between 10 and 20% discounts for members of the Low Carbon Buying Group.  Anyone can join this group – you just need to be a Muswell Sustainability Group Member (annual subscription £10).  We will be extending the scheme to boilers, solid wall insulation and replacement windows shortly.

en10ergy receives funding from Haringey Council’s Green Innovation Fund

en10ergy Ltd has received £9,300 from Haringey Council’s Green Innovation Fund.  This will be used to cover initial set up costs, such as publicity and our recent launch event.   We enjoy an excellent relationship with Haringey Council’s Environmental Resources team led by Jess Sherlock who have been very supportive of Muswell Hill Sustainability Group and en10ergy.

Our projects

en10ergy was set up to facilitate renewable energy and carbon emission reduction projects in Muswell Hill.

Renewable energy projects:

Carbon emission reduction projects:



A first for North London

en10ergy limited is a social enterprise company which was registered with the Financial Services Agency on 30 October 2009.  It is technically an Industrial and Provident Society [reg no 30824 R] but it is like a trading company in that its members are its shareholders and they are not liable for its debts.  On the other hand its activities are not carried on for the benefit of the shareholders, but for the benefit of the community. There has never been anything like it before in Muswell Hill.  It is a first for North London.  To help us spread its benefits we invite you and other members of the public to invest in en10ergy by buying £1 shares that are not transferable and cannot be sold back for at least three years.  The expectation would be of a social dividend rather than financial reward.

Our mission

The detailed aims of the company are set our in Rule 2 of the set of rules registered with the FSA [the Rules].  Very broadly the aims are to protect and improve the environment and to do so by two main strands of activity

1)      by promoting and investing in renewable energy installations, typically solar panels like the ones on our chairman’s roof; and

2)      by reducing carbon emissions and waste within Muswell Hill.

Solar panels

There are two large grant-funded projects in Muswell Hill in which en10ergy limited has an interest.  The first is the Muswell Hill Low Carbon Zone project (LCZ), funded by the Greater London Authority, in which Haringey council is in the lead, jointly with the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, British Gas and other interested organisations.  The role of en10ergy is facilitative: it will assist in obtaining the commitment of Zone residents and businesses to reducing carbon emissions and waste by 20.12% by 2012: solar panels are an option.    The second project is to install major solar panel arrays on suitable large buildings in Muswell Hill, including schools, social housing and Marks and Spencer.  This is funded by Central Government (DECC) and en10ergy’s role is again largely facilitative.

The reduction of carbon emissions and waste

Although the installation of solar panels will be of indirect benefit to the community it will not be as beneficial as a programme of retro-fitting old-style houses that waste a lot of heat and contribute significantly to carbon emissions in the United Kingdom (roughly 40% of the national output).  The reduction of domestic carbon emissions in and around Muswell Hill will therefore be our main concern and we have two programmes in prospect (1) the reduction of carbon emissions and waste in the LCZ, funded by the Greater London Authority, and (2) the reduction of carbon emissions and waste elsewhere in and around Muswell Hill spearheaded by Muswell Hill Sustainability’s 100 Houses Study   This we will fund initially with share capital and donations.

To invest in en10ergy please contact Peter Thompson on 020 88833071 or by email  at mailto:aoby37@dsl.pipex.com