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en10ergy ltd is a not-for-profit company generating renewable electricity in and around Muswell Hill and Wood Green. It was set up by Muswell Hill Sustainability Group in 2009 with the following aims: to install renewable energy in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas, to raise awareness of Climate Change issues and to encourage local residents to take action. It was originally established as an Industrial and Provident Society in 2009, now, under new legislation, defined as a Registered Society  under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. It is a principle of such societies that the proceeds of their activities are for the benefit of the community in which it works, not of its owners.

Solar panels at Marks & Spencer, Muswell Hill, installed and run by en10ergy
Solar panels being installed on Muswell Hill Methodist Church by en10ergy

en10ergy’s early projects inolved the installation of solar panels on the roofs Marks & Spencer in Muswell Hill Broadway (operating since 2010) and the Methodist Church in Pages Lane (operating since 2011).   These projects were mostly funded through grants from local government, but also through a small community share offer. In 2017 we installed a new, larger array of solar panels on Woodside High School in Wood Green. This was funded by the sale of shares, principally to local people, who, in buying them, become members of en10ergy, entitled to particpate in the running of it’s affairs. The original funding effort for this project raised more than was finally used on the installation, and the surplus, along with a further share offer, has been used to install a solar array at Fortismere School, Muswell Hill, which began generating in April 2019.

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Solar power at school

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