Exciting programme for Autumn 2018

We have an exciting programme of events for Autumn 2018, including practical workshops, Green Open Homes weekends and a fascinating talk on the global politics of sustainable energy.

Tuesday 9th October 7.30pm – Woodstove Wisdom Evening 

Find out how to run a wood stove cleanly and efficiently. Hosted by a MHSG member. Please email info@mhsgroup.org to book your place.

Monday 15th October, 7.30pm – Hot Tips for Warm Homes

Find out how to run your home to save energy and money this winter.  Energy-saving products for sale.  Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 10 Pages Lane. N10 1PP. Tea and biscuits provided.

Sunday 4th November – Green Open Homes (Day 1)

Visits to local energy-efficient homes – hear first-hand from householders how to make your home more energy-efficient.  For details email info@mhsgroup.org.

Saturday 10th November – Green Open Homes (Day 2)

A second day of visits – see details above.

Tuesday 13th November 7.30pm Woodstove Wisdom Evening

Repeat event – please see details for Tuesday 9th October above.

Monday 19th November, 7.30pm

Speaker Meeting: “Global Politics of Sustainable Energy – Markets, Diplomacy and Super Powers” Neil Hurst, Senior Policy Fellow for Energy & Mitigation at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College, London.

Muswell Hill Methodist Church 10 Pages Lane. N10 1PP. Tea and biscuits provided.

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