Ecodomus  Consultancy services and products to improve the sustainability of buildings, and the businesses and organisations occupying them

www.ecodomus.co.uk               Tel:  020 8444 2512

Ecologistics   Home energy efficiency surveys, advice and installation of energy-saving measures.

www.ecologistics.co.uk     Contact: James Jackman  Tel: 0208 889 1100  info@ecologistics.co.uk  B105, Business Centre, 5 Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ

RetrofitWorks    local member-owned co-operative specialising in retrofit, installer on Smart Homes Scheme, home energy efficiency advice

www.retrofitworks.co.uk   Contact: Russell Smith    Tel:  020 8874 6433/07904 224410

Green Tomato Energy – advice on all aspects of home energy saving, and renewable energy options

www.greentomatoenergy.com  Contact: Akta Raja   Tel: 020 8380 8908  akta@greentomatoenergy.com

Make My Home Green – green home improvement techniques, materials, and renewable technologies

www.makemyhomegreen.com  Tel: 020 7502 0999   Patrick.mccool@makemyhomegreen.com


Ruth Schamroth   Energy efficient design  ruth@schamroth.com


Urban Design Build  General builders with expertise on green building techniques

http://www.urbandesignbuild.co.uk    020 8883 6487 or 07966 441317  edwardwindsor@urbandesignbuild.co.uk


Acorn Sash Windows   North London-based company carrying out all work to timber sash windows, casement windows and doors.

www.acornsashwindows.co.uk  Tel: 07525 326737

Ecodomus  Specialise in timber frame windows/doors and aluminium-clad timber windows.

www.ecodomus.co.uk  Tel:  020 8444 2512


Ecologistics   Internal/external solid wall insulation, Smart Homes installer

www.ecologistics.co.uk     Contact: James Jackman  Tel: 0208 889 1100  info@ecologistics.co.uk  B105, Business Centre, 5 Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ

Chimella  Chimney umbrellas to reduce draughts

info@chimella.com 020 8442 9888


Integrated Heating Ltd    Installation of modern condensing boilers, and upgrading of heating systems to minimise energy consumption.   Operating around Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Camden and Kentish Town.                  

www.integratedheating.co.uk   Alec Morrow   Tel:  07810 888754           

Sleeman Heating Ltd   Installation of energy-efficient heating systems in North London.  We specialise in German and Dutch boilers, solar thermal systems and efficient heating controls.

http://heatingexpert.net   John Sleeman   Tel : 07946 161737


Ecodomus  Install renewable technologies for commercial, community and domestic projects.

www.ecodomus.co.uk  Tel:  020 8444 2512

Joju Solar   One of the longest-standing Microgeneration Certificate Scheme-accredited solar installers in the country, with hundreds of installations completed for private, public and community sector clients.

www.jojusolar.co.uk   Will Broadfoot/John Cowdrill   tel: 0800 0542977   info@joju.co.uk

Sleeman Heating Ltd  Installation of energy-efficient heating systems in North London including solar thermal systems.

http://heatingexpert.net   John Sleeman      Tel : 07946 161737



Smart Homes   North London borough’s Grant scheme for solid wall insulation and other energy saving measures

www.haringey4020.org.uk/index/offers-and-grants/smarthomes   Tel: 020 7527 4736

The Community Energy Lab   A social enterprise that provides retrofitting and energy efficiency services to homes in Haringey.

www.thecommunityenergylab.com      Tel:  020 8885 5499

Draughtproofing demonstration  Low-cost methods for insulating windows and doors, including a low-cost magnetic secondary glazing method.  (Muswell Hill Sustainability Group)

Muswell Hill Sustainability Group  A fast-growing group of local residents concerned about climate change and sustainability.  The Group aims to reduce carbon emissions and waste in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas, encouraging residents, local businesses and community groups to live more sustainably.

www.mhsgroup.org   info@mhsgroup.org

en10energy  A social enterprise set up by Muswell Hill Sustainability Group with two aims: to promote and invest in local renewable energy, and to encourage and facilitate the reduction in carbon emissions and waste by households, businesses and community buildings in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas.


Sustainable Haringey an independent informal network for everybody wanting to make Haringey more sustainable. It brings together groups and individuals already making positive contributions and welcomes those who would like to find out how to do more.  http://sustainable-haringey.wikispaces.com

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion of any companies or organisations in this list does not constitute a recommendation by the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group or its partnership organisations.