Grow your own food – April

2 Easy salad

Easy salad

Little Gem Lettuce

Sow lettuce seeds outdoors in well prepared, moist soil in sun or semi shade from now on until July/August. Dig in some compost if the soil looks like it needs it. You can also grow lettuces in growbags or containers. Protect them from late frost with some fleece if necessary.

Thin the seedlings as soon as the first true leaves appear pulling out the smaller seedlings and continue until the plants are about 20cm (8in) apart. The seedlings you thin out can be eaten too.

Water when the soil is dry; the best time to water is in the early morning.

Look out for slugs who love the young leaves.

Gradually the leaves will close into the centre, the heart, and produce a sweet crisp lettuce.


This is a very easy salad crop to grow in sun or partial shade. From April – July sow the seed thinly in a drill 5-10mm deep. (keeping the seeds in a line helps you identify your crop from the weeds!) Water and wait. The seedlings should be through in 2 weeks. Keep watering in dry spells. Sow more seed every 2-3 weeks if you have space and you will be eating rocket all Summer and into the Autumn.

Spring onions

Spring onions are easy to grow. Sow them as with the rocket and thin them out as they fatten. 

Seeds may take 3 or more weeks to arrive as seed companies are overwhealmed with orders.

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