Happy Christmas from MHSG

Goldfinch – by MHSG member Laila Hackforth-Jones

We wish our members, and everyone we’ve worked with in 2022, a warm and happy festive break.  Thank you for all you’ve contributed through the year.

In these uneasy times, celebratory over-consumption may be curbed by tight finances as much as concern for the planet.  But there are green tweaks well worth making – see the ideas below inspired by Enfield Climate Action Forum and carbon-footprinting expert Professor Mike Berners-Lee.  We’ve given them a Haringey slant..

We are delighted to confirm the speaker for our first event of 2023, all welcome:

Baroness Barbara Young, Chair, Woodland Trust
Wednesday 25th January, 7.30pm – refreshments
WAVE Cafe, Muswell Hill United Reformed Church
Queens Avenue  N10 3NU

Best wishes,

The MHSG Committee

e-cards win over paper ones.  Computers and servers have their carbon footprint too, but e-cards cut out the energy used in delivery. 

Reuse your plastic Christmas tree or hire a rooted tree (Christmas On The Hill have availability) instead of buying a new plastic or cut tree.  Decorate with LED lights.  

If you choose a cut tree, Haringey Council will collect for recycling from outside your home on your usual collection day – remove all decorations and cut in half if it’s over a metre tall.  Bark shavings are used in council parks.

Plant-based food scores lowest on the carbon tally, and chicken lower than beef or turkey.  This graph speaks a thousand words:

Invoke the ‘reduce’ summit of the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ hierarchy.  Agree present-buying (or not!) in advance with family and friends, set a spending limit, hold a Secret Santa, give something edible or vouchers to be exchanged for really-wanted goods or your time and skills.

Get outdoors
Switch off the heating, wrap up and head outside – if you’re staying at home, is there a Haringey park on this map you haven’t explored yet?

Whatever you do, enjoy and see you next year!

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