How did you travel to Muswell Hill today?

It was great to get back to running a street stall – Muswell Hill Broadway we’ve missed you! We were surveying shoppers on Saturday 2nd August to see how they got to Muswell Hill.

As you can see, most walked. We also asked where people had travelled from – the majority came from N10 or N2. The Broadway really is a local high street.

Often traders overestimate how many people travel to their shops by car, and are therefore anxious about any changes that could reduce car travel. But in Muswell Hill, as in many other high streets, most people walk. And it’s been shown that shoppers who walk or cycle spend more at the shops per month than those travelling by car.

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  1. Not sure if you are still compiling data, but just to confirm that I almost always walk to the shops in Muswell Hill.

    I live in N22. Close to Alexandra Palace railway station

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