INCORPORATION FOR en10ergy Limited!

The Muswell Hill Sustainability Group is proud to announce the incorporation on 30 October 2009 of a new social enterprise company, en10ergy Limited, which is now registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965.  The founder members are Alan Morton, Fred Fitzke and Cara Jenkinson and the secretary is Peter Thompson.

The Rules require the society to be run for the public benefit and one of its objects is to provide an opportunity for public-spirited people and organisations to contribute financially to the community by buying £10 shares which are not transferable but may be redeemed after 3 years [maximum investment £20K!].

This will provide start-up capital for our main objects: facilitating and carrying into effect programmes of reducing emissions and waste in and around Muswell Hill, promoting energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy installations.  Ambitious, huh?  And just in time to help Haringey Council deliver its Low Carbon Zone project in N10.  Join the queue for shares!

Incidentally en10ergy is a finalist in the Environmental Project section of the 2009 Archant London Environmental Awards, taking place on 20 November.  We’ll let you know if we win.

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