Middle floor flat in 3-storey Victorian property

“Our two-bedroom flat is a middle flat of three. It is in a three-storey Victorian terraced house built in 1895. Our back bedroom, bathroom and entrance hallway are in a two-storey back extension built in the 1980s when the house was converted to flats.”


We have increased the existing loft insulation by 370cm from the previous insulation, to reduce heat loss and draughts. The bathroom is noticeably warmer.


In 2010 we had double glazed sashes installed in our previously very draughty and sash ancient windows (excepting three sashes which have tinted glass), and draughtproofed. We put draught excluders under all doors. The flat is warmer as a result, though still a bit draughty in bad winter weather, probably because not all sashes are double glazed.


Mostly this is from the gas boiler. However we put on jumpers until needed, and there are individual temperature controls on each radiator. We have foil backed the radiators to reflect heat outward.

We have had a solar thermal panel since 2004. This is on the roof of the back extension, which faces South. It provides us with hot water for at least 6 months of the year, during which time we very rarely use the gas boiler. Showers in water heated by the sun make you feel extra clean!
In 2006 we installed 6 photovoltaic panels for electricity on the same roof. In the last year before we installed them, our electricity usage was 1,035 kwh. Since then we have annually generated an average of 759 kwh.


We have energy saving light bulbs throughout the flat.


We have a wormery in the shared front garden which takes all of our vegetable waste and produces good compost and fertiliser for plants. We have a water butt to save on watering for plants.

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