Our lockdown polling results

During June we surveyed MHSG members and supporters on the lifestyle changes they had made during lockdown and which ones they expected to stick. We had 76 responses – over 10% which is not bad for an online survey.

We asked how food shopping had changed during lockdown – perhaps unsurprisingly most respondents were using local food stores more and ordering more online.

In good news for Muswell Hill Broadway and other smaller shopping parades, people expect to carry on using local shops more.

In terms of other behaviour changes during lockdown, most people said they were cooking more often and visiting their local park or green space more frequently. Whilst people thought they would carry on enjoying their local park after lockdown they were less keen on doing quite so much cooking!

We also asked how respondents expected their commutes to change in the next six months. Most thought they would be working from home more or travelling by bike, with small numbers thinking they would drive or use public transport.

In terms of flying, few people were intending to fly on holiday this year, with the majority saying they would wait till 2022 or never fly.

Finally in terms of single use plastic, there were mixed experiences during lockdown with some people saying they used more (perhaps not being able to use re-usable cups, getting more online orders from supermarkets with more plastic packaging) and some less (perhaps reflecting more use of local independent stores).

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