Reducing food waste on the Broadway

According to WRAP, the waste action group, , 5.3m tonnes of still-edible food is thrown away each year.  The Best Before project  has the desperately sensible mission of redistributing unsold food from retailers which is past its Best Before date, to those who will benefit from it such as soup kitchens and community groups. As they put it Our plan against nonsense waste. They collect to and redistribute from storage space in Tottenham and West London

Best Before food is safe to eat but may loose its quality or flavour after the date shown, where as Use By should be eaten by the date shown or it may note be safe.  Food past is best before date can be sold legally but retailers do not like to and customers often take it back, and throw it out after the date.   This food in its packets is not recycled by retailers but thrown away.  Smaller retailers have to pay for their waste to be collected and although it is cheaper for them to get co-mingled collections, they have to pay extra for food waste collections.  So they will not separate this food as it will cost them more and will put it into general rubbish collection.  Collecting the food from them will save them money.  The food is used rather than produced to end up in landfill or incineration.

So we are looking for the following:

(1)        Groups and projects in the N10 or nearby area who could take donations.

(2)        a) Anyone with eco-friendly transport either to drive or lend, or

b) Anyone who does the trip to N17 regularly anyway, to pick up from Muswell Hill and transport to the warehouse

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