Top tips to reduce waste

Buy less. Start at the root of the problem by consuming fewer products.

Plan your meals so you don’t overbuy. There are some great tips here including recipes for leftover food.

Use a food sharing app Apps like Olio and Too Good to Go allow you to share food that would otherwise go to waste.

Recycle more. North London Waste Authority who manage our waste reckon that in north London, most households can easily recycle over 70% of their waste using existing services. Find here about what you can recycle locally and how to improve your recycling habits.

Recycle unwanted items which others may need. Donate to charity shops or advertise on FreeCycle.

Repair stuff that breaks. A number of appliance repair shops have recently set up in Muswell Hill and places like Sew will repair your clothes.

Buy quality items that will last. Take some time researching before you buy. Which magazine has good advice on most products, though you’ll need subscribe for detailed product reviews.

Use packaging alternatives. Tupperware boxes for lunch, Beeswax wrappers instead of cling film, and reusable bags, cups and bottles.

Shop locally – greengrocers and other food stores on the Broadway will often sell food with less packaging than the supermarkets.

Compost. Get a home composter if you have space, or use the food waste service provided by Haringey Council.