Thermal Imaging Camera loan

Muswell Hill Sustainability Group offers loan of a thermal imaging camera for use by householders.  The camera shows where heat is being lost and can suggest where insulation or draughtproofing will save money on fuel bills and cut carbon emissions.

Thermal image
Thermal image of typical London terrace

We encourage users to take images both indoors and outdoors at times when the indoor temperature is at least 10℃ warmer than outdoors.  The effects of opening and closing curtains, poor insulation, leaky chimney breasts and sources of draughts can be seen on the images.  Images are easily downloaded to a computer, and for those who are keen, software is available to manipulate them further and interrogate details.  Instructions and further suggestions are supplied with the camera.  It’s fairly unbreakable, fun to use, and you might find some surprises – so why not give it a try?

We are not able to offer advice on remedial work which the image might suggest, but suitable professionals can be found amongst our trusted installers, and through other advice services.

What does it cost?

Loan of the camera is free to paid-up MHSG members, or around £20 to include membership of the Group (usually £10/year).

How to book

To book a survey, please email your name, phone number and postal address to with ‘Thermal Imaging Camera request‘ in the subject line.