Our thermal imaging group has been out and about

MHSG’s Thermal Imaging Group has been out and about surveying local homes to detect heat leaks.  A Haringey Climate Forum grant for a FLIR pocket thermal camera and training from Cambridge Carbon Footprint has equipped Group members to carry out energy efficiency detective work.

Images are most revealing when it’s 10 degrees C warmer inside then out, so winter is the best time. They are taken both inside and outside to highlight problem areas – the blue area in the photo above shows the foot of the door needs draughtproofing.  Other problems invisible to the eye such as inadequate cavity wall insulation may be impossible to detect without a thermal image.

Some problems found may be fixed by straightforward DIY.  Others may need professional help – the MHSG website lists local installers of energy-saving measures who members have found trustworthy.  The results?  Increased comfort, lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions – a triple win!

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