Wrinkled veg and half-eaten humous

Emma Barnett from Love Food Hate Waste came to talk to us on 7th July.  She started off with some scary facts:  In the UK we throw away enough food, from our homes, to fill Wembley Stadium to the brim nine times over – every year’; ‘Wasting food costs the average family £480 a year. For families with children the cost can be up to £690 a year’ and ‘Food waste gives off harmful gases like methane when it rots in landfill. Methane is 20x worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.  BUT the good news is that there’s a lot we can do.  Well over half of our food waste is avoidable.  Most of it is food that is not used by it’s use by date and better meal planning combined with better storage of food can make a real difference.  The Love Food Hate Waste website has got loads of useful info such as recipe planners, portion size information and storage guidance for different types of food.


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