N10 Traders for the Earth Week

Muswell Business and Muswell Hill Sustainability Group ran an exciting N10 Traders for the Earth Week in July to showcase local businesses.

The coronavirus pandemic has showed us the value of our local high streets and we are very lucky to have such a great range of shops on our doorstep. Shopping locally reduces car miles, improving local air pollution and congestion. And local shops are generally less likely to use plastic, and many are welcoming reusable cups once again.

Volunteers from Muswell Hill Sustainability Group spoke to local businesses to find out about their sustainability practices, and uncovered some really positive stories! For example, Fasta recycles all of the cooking oil that they use, and produces minimal food waste, as all of their food is cooked to order. La Dinette uses compostable packaging for its takeaway food, and sells lots of locally sourced food. And then there are the shops you don’t necessarily think of as sustainable like Simply Jewellery – they’ve been repairing customers’ favourite jewellery for years.

During our N10 Traders for the Earth week, we shared these stories on social media, and we’re planning to follow up with a stall outside Planet Organic to promote local shopping and talk about wider sustainability issues. This will take place on Saturday 25th September as part of Big Green Week.

It will be the first stall that we’ve run since August last year – and we’re looking forward to it!

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