Online talk: Decarbonising the UK – pathways to Net Zero

Monday 26th April 7.30pm

“Net zero” is the new buzzword in the fight against climate change, but what does it mean and how can we, as individuals, make a difference? Can biomass ever really be “low-carbon” and is offsetting a false economy? What are the current market trends for decarbonising heating and how will the government support this for over 20 million homes?

Our speaker Sam Benjamin has worked with public and private sector organisations at national and local scales to answer these questions and more. Sam’s specialism is in decarbonisation of residential and commercial buildings, however his experience in and understanding of low-carbon energy spans across all sectors and industries. He has developed a well-rounded knowledge of the current and potential future statuses of energy in the UK, with which he hopes to support the MHSG in upcoming projects and more generally where he can. Sam grew up in Muswell Hill and went to Fortismere School.

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