Do I need planning permission?

Some retrofitting works and renewable energy installations will require planning permission, particularly if you are in a conservation area. For indicative purposes only, some planning and building control guidance is included in this pack. You should check with the planning officers at Haringey on the latest position.


Much of Muswell Hill, Wood Green and Hornsey are conservation areas. A conservation area is a place of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. The Local Authority normally makes the designation. Conservation areas are subject to additional planning controls which may apply to energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy projects that you are considering. Working within the context of a conservation area and the historic characteristics of your property will enable you to retain its special character – as well as enjoying a warm, well-ventilated and energy efficient home.

Is my property in a Conservation Area?
If you want to know whether a property is in a conservation area there is a Haringey online mapping system which will give you details of the property. Once you’ve filled in the address and post code of your property the mapping system will tell you if it is in a conservation area and other useful details. You can find the map tool here.

Determining Planning Applications in Conservation Areas
In conservation areas development control officers will deal with applications for planning permission or conservation area consent with input and support from Design and Conservation Officers. Applications will be subject to the usual time limits and procedures of any planning application. Applications are considered against conservation policies and can be refused on conservation grounds alone. Permission or consent should only be granted if a proposal enhances or preserves the character or appearance of the Conservation Area. As with a planning application outside a conservation area, an applicant maintains the right to appeal against a refusal for planning permission, or against any conditions attached to a permission or consent.

Northwest Haringey conservation areas as at 2018

Pre-application Advice
If you live in a conservation area, Design and Conservation Officers can provide you with pre-application advice regarding conservation issues that may arise during the application process. This service is available free of charge for householders and for applicants with proposals of less than two units. Contact details are available from the Design and Conservation home page.

For more information: see Haringey’s Design and conservation home page .


Please note: The following table is included here to illustrate the issues which could arise during installation of improvements. Its recommendations may no longer be accurate. You should check with the planning authority.