Green ideas for self-isolation

This list is courtesy of the brilliant  Transition Kentish Town.

1. Grow food

Reason: It’s fun and yum


2. Learn your edible weeds

Reason: Many weeds hold great anti-oxidant properties to boost your immune system.



3. Delete old emails and unsubscribe

– from those one’s you always meant to and never got round to.

Reason: Data has a carbon footprint

4. Divest

– change your bank, pension, energy supplier or web browser to green and ethical ones

Reason: Many big firms invest in fossil fuels with little regard for the environment.


See also Highgate Society resources on Ethical Investing:

5. Repair clothes & gadgets

Reason: There is an enormous sense of pride in fixing something to give it more life and saves pennies and consumption waste too.

6. Permaculture your place

Reason: If you have the space why not draw up plans to be more self sufficient in the future. Solar panels on the roof, growing area, fruit trees, wild flower meadows, or if space is a luxury why not decorate a street tree pit with herbs and wild flowers.

7. Learn to ferment

– (if the flour hoarders haven’t got there first!)

Reason: Bread, Beers, pickling… the world is your jam jar! Also is great to do with excess vegetables you’re scratching your head for recipes!


8. Dust off the bike

Reason: With public transport reserved for key workers and those not able to work from home, a bike is a great way to avoid the crowds and get your daily exercise in.

9. Read a book

Reason: Although Netflix and the TV have a wealth of series and films, online streaming (even of music) comes with its own carbon footprint.

10. Learn something new

– a language, knitting, paint, play an instrument or meditate.

Reason: We are lucky in this time of crisis to have the internet and it’s wealth of knowledge, especially helpful are YouTube tutorials just search for what you’d like to learn!

11. Get your DiY on

Reason: Order that paint or wood in and get improving your home space! We might be in it for a while!

12. Ring your family and friends

Reason: Sometime in our previous busy day to day lives we neglected to call our parents or gran. See how they are doing, share your feelings and support one another.