Grow your own food – ideas for June

Now that garden centres are open again, there are many options to catch up on growing your own vegetables.  You can buy small plants for putting into containers or open ground, or if you want to grow from seed there are plenty of options now the soil is warm.


You can grow them almost anywhere as long as they get plenty of sun. The seed should only take a week or two to get started. Keep them well watered and thin the plants out as the radishes swell. Sow again at two week intervals to ensure a good supply.


Spinach likes full sun and can also be sown in a pot or a planter. Just water regularly and thin out as the plants develop.

Spring onions

Sowing more seed now and again in a few weeks will carry on giving you spring onions into the autumn.


You have two options for growing basil; either purchase a growing supermarket plant in a pot or you may prefer to give sowing from seed a try.  If you choose the former, immediately replant the basil into a slightly larger pot with good compost.