Open homes 2015

Grosvenor Road, London N10

The McIlroy family outside their home on Grosvenor Road

An Edwardian family home on a corner plot with the following carbon saving features:

  • Focus upon maximum insulation where practical plus renewable heat (wood) and hot water (solar)
  • Wooden suspended floors with 80mm ‘Thermafleece’ sheeps wool insulation & boarding
  • All internal faces of external walls insulated with 10mm ‘Sempatap’ internal wall insulation
  • Attic roof insulation of 100mm Kingspan, plasterboard plus 10mm ‘Sempatap’
  • Refurbished sash windows with ‘Magneglaze’ secondary glazing on all windows
  • Draft reduction through double doors to attic (& letter box!), heavy curtains,
  • New condensing boiler, replaced old 15-20 year old boiler. TRVs added.
  • Two wood burning stoves (‘Clearview Vision’ in living room heats whole house)
  • 2 x 2m2 solar panels for thermal hot water with large well insulated tank (‘AOS Solar’)
  • Continuous running low energy heat recovery fan in bathroom (‘Vent Axia – Lo Carbon’)
  • Low energy lighting throughout
  • Water saving devices include; low flow shower, low flow washers in most taps
  • Living wall, pond and vegetables in garden plus pallet shed with green roof

Alexandra Park Road, N22 1930s terraced house which has been retrofitted for improved energy efficiency.

  •  converted loft has been been insulated on its interior roof
  • internal wall insulation added to the front wall
  • Sustainable building materials including lime plaster have been used
  • Heating is by a modern boiler with weather compensating controls,
  • solar thermal panels for hot water
  • woodburning stove.

Dukes Avenue, N10   Edwardian terraced house which has undergone a complete refurbishment to exacting green standards

kitchen dukes avenue

  • Internal wall insulation
  • loft and roof insulation,
  • tanking and cellar insulation. 
  • Eco-refurbishment with retention of original features, eg stained glass, fireplace, flooring, internal doors.

Yewtree Close, London N10

Owners Lucy Craig and Gordon Best outside their home

A timber-framed detached home built in the 1980s with the following carbon saving features:

  • Argon filled 12mm double glazing in aluminium frames (except on south side)
  • Kingspan “Thermwall”, 100mm rigid, foiled insulation, new ply board with sealed joints
  • Celotex GA400 100mm rigid roof insulation with foil backing
  • Celotex GA400 100mm rigid floor insulation with foil backing
  • New windows and door draught sealed
  • Air source heat pumps for underfloor heating and hot water
  • 16 photo voltaic panels with total 4kW peak
  • New high performance wood burning stove
  • 100% LED and some compact fluorescent
  • Low energy appliances throughout
  • Water saving: 1000ltr rainwater butts
  • Instant boiling water (no kettle)

Barrington Road, London N8  

Semi-detached Edwardian villa modernised to include the following features:
  • approach based on maximum insulation, water-saving and use of solar electricity and solar hot water
  • 50 mm of external insulation to side gable and extension walls
  • 55 mm of internal insulation to front and rear bays
  • part of loft floor covered with 270 mm Knauf loftroll, remainder has loftroll inserted to top of joists, and then laid with 50 mm of insulated MDF to form load-bearing surface
  • front windows and majority of other windows double-glazed
  • installation of new Worcester Bosch condensing boiler
  • provision of Uponor underfloor heating (wet system) to ground floor
  • installation of RainWater Harvesting rainwater catchment system – supplying 2 toilets & washing machine
  • dual flush WCs – giving 3.5 litre and 2.6 litre minimum flushes
  • 11W LED ceiling lights provided to wet-room
  • PV (Solar Electricity) installation of 12 x 235W ET Solar panels = 2.82 kW
  • evacuated tube solar water heater – Barilla Solar DeltaSol C Plus
  • all timber certificated as sustainable, and recycled plastic covering to bathroom wall


The Meadow Orchard Eco Hut

2014-07-12 17.44.31

  • Straw Bale wall
  • Cob wall
  • Reclaimed timber reciprocal roof
  • Double and triple glazed windows
  • Timber shutters made from re-purposed pallets
  • Rammed earth tyres
  • Clay plastering
  • Lime rendering
  • Passive solar design
  • Low impact building techniques
  • Locally  sourced materials
  • Cob pizza oven
  • Permaculture principles embedded in the design
  • Built by volunteers