Wood chips available at St James Viaduct

A message from Friends of Parkland Walk for those interested in wood chips:

“If you’ve been on the northern section of Parkland Walk recently you won’t have missed the tree work on St James viaduct. The result is a lot messy piles of wood chips – far more than we can use. So, after consultation with the conservation officer for Haringey, we are able to offer these to anyone who wants to go up there and bag them up. With weather forecasts suggesting no let-up in the hosepipe ban, these will be ideal for reducing the amount of moisture lost from your garden through evaporation.

All we ask, is that in the process of collecting up the wood chips, you exercise care not only for the walk and its plants, but also be aware of passers by and others around you. Also be aware that by now, a lot of dogs have visited these piles, so we do recommend you wear gloves whilst working and always wash your hands before handling food”

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