Less Plastic Resolve from Muswell Hill Shoppers

Masked MHSG anti-single use plastic crusaders took to Muswell Hill town centre to tackle oil-gobbling short-life plastic cups, bottles, bags, shampoos – and even synthetic clothes which shed plastic fibres.

We can’t all go plastics free overnight – but we can resolve to stop buying products designed to die!  Not all can be recycled, and transport for recycling and processing have their environmental burden, as do short-life products made of cardboard and paper.

The ‘New Year, Less Plastic’ event in St James Square displayed was swathed in ‘bunting’ made of ‘hard to recycle’ culprits like crisp packets and toothpaste tubes. Nearly 50 people pledged to pledge a cut out one or more types of single use plastic (cups, water bottles, bags, new (synthetic) clothes, toiletries bottles).       

Pledgers were also invited to enter a free prize draw for a £30 voucher to spend on unpackaged goods from Greens the greengrocers on Muswell Hill Broadway.

Could you switch to products or services offering low or no packaging, or refill services? See our list of local shops which refill containers, and let us know at info@mhsgroup.org of any others to add.

We’ll be showcasing local green business at our ‘Big Green Fair’ on Sunday 29th May at Hornsey Parish Church – save the date and come and join us! There are stalls for hire – contact info@mhsgroup.org if your business or group would like one, or any recommendations are welcome.

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